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L’orgue de la Basílica de Montserrat


The Basilica of Montserrat is one of the places in our country where organ music is bestowed due to the quantity and quality of the liturgy celebrated for centuries with a group of organist monks and composers who from there The 16th century have been building musical celebrations and generating a large number of compositions where the soloist or accompanist organ plays an important role.
At the same time, this temple has arranged various organs in different styles and locations according to the need of each period. The new monumental organ that was inaugurated in 2010 responds to the need for a great instrument suitable for the intense liturgical accompaniment that is celebrated there every day and also for the interpretation of the entire organic repertoire, which is so celebrated as celebrations to the concerts of the renowned International Festival that is celebrated every summer.

Due to its design and its resources, it is a contemporary-style organ with a physics based on the Catalan organ: located on the side of the nave, with a larger body and positive, and larger tubes on the sides of the case, a monumental organ with a box of 13.5 meters high and a 16-foot façade. It has 4,242 pipes in 63 stops distributed between 4 manuals and pedal, action is mechanical  from the main console in the organ or electrical  from the presbytery console.
It is an instrument characterized by a wide, diverse loudness, with deep sounds, and very original solutions such as a large 16 stops swell-positiv under the organist, two highly effective swell boxes, peculiar stops as the 32 feet located on the ceiling, a crossbone flute at the Chamade or a set of bells in the organ’s crown.