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Catedral de Tenerife (La Laguna)

This temple has an organ built by Bevington & Sons in 1858 in England.

Mechanical transmission, both the notes and the records are of a pre-romantic style. Its console has two 54-note C-f” manual keyboards and a 25-note C-c’ pedal keyboard.

The first manual is the Major Organ, which has an 8′ Principal on the façade, while the rest of the 8′ registers (Gamba, Dulciana and Claribella), have a common first octave, with wooden tubes. It has two sets of 4′: Octava and Suave Flute (in wood), a fifth, fortnight, and a small mixture of two rows, a main sesquialtera and an 8′ Trumpet.

The second keyboard is inside an expressive box and does not have a first octave. The pedal only has an open 16′ wooden double bass.

This organ arrived in our hands in a very degraded state. The air pressure was much lower than the nominal due to many losses in the bellows, there were a large number of transfers in the secret. The box had woodworm in some parts, an incomplete roof, and high access to many tubes. The tuning fork was at 458 Hz.!

Our restoration task consisted of taking the main bellows and the secret of the main organ to our workshop and restoring them thoroughly. To solve the high pitch, tuning rings were installed on the labial tubes and a tube was moved to the reed registers. The façade tubes were restored and repainted, case and  the entire console, especially the keyboards and knobs, were restored . The roof was completed and the electrical installation was replaced. Harmonization was revised, leaving a Bach-Lehman partition.

The organ was inaugurated on Saturday, Palm Vigil, in a concert by the valencian organist Arturo Barba, presided over by Mr. Bishop of Tenerife Monsignor Bernardo Álvarez.