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Restauració de l’orgue de la Capella de l’Esperança

Located in the heart of Barcelona this small church , is famous for its excellent acoustics.

Organ constructed in 1878 by Joan Puig and rebuilt in 1927 by Francisco Aragonés, it is mechanical transmission for the manuals with pneumatic aid for the big pipes and the pedal register.

It consists of 12 stops in two 56-note manual keyboards and a 30-note pedal, in a single swell box. Desk console facing the altar.

1 Fl. Violón 16’
2 Fl Principal 8’
3 Fl. Harmónica 8’
4 Octava 4’
5 Quincena 2’
6 Lleno II 2’
7 Clarín armónico 4’


8 Violón 8’
9 Viola de Gamba 8’
10 Voz celeste 8’
11 Fagot y Oboe 8’


12 Contrebasse 16′

The works consisted of general cleaning, woodworm treatment, installation of a new blower, new electrical installation, adjustment of mechanisms, new access to the interior, new facade, re-harmonization and general tuning.